Today’s digital marketing landscape has become highly complex and increasingly difficult to master. Many sales and marketing teams across the globe have implemented amazing automated technologies to aid in their sales and marketing processes, but what about the human touch?

Unfortunately, one important factor of B2B marketing that’s become seemingly less and less is passion.

Research has shown in this age of digitalization, success is more likely to be found with a spirited team that values human-to-human interactions and warmth to build relationships. Generating leads, engaging with prospects, and sales follow-ups need to be permeated with genuine interactions.

All of these need to be permeated with genuine human interactions. Using patience and empathy will allow you to earn trust with prospects by being helpful – instead of just pushing them to answer your qualifying questions right away.

So how do you deliver a positive experience to your prospects that add value?

Most importantly, ensure inbound inquires are followed up within 30 minutes of discovery. Our research has shown that response times have a dramatic effect on lead conversion with some companies never following up interactions due to bandwidth or process challenges.

Make sure you have a team of integrated marketing and demand generation specialists that are trained to help you increase conversion rates, build trust and rapport, and most importantly ensure the best representation of your company.

If you would like to discuss how you can increase your success with the human touch and re-ignite the passion, we would be delighted to share our experiences with you. Take a look at our Lead Generation On Demand packages or contact us.

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How to Bring Passion Back to B2B Marketing