Have you noticed the rising conflict between sales and marketing? Let’s face it, this topic is a headache for many as it can create a disconnect over an entire organization. This conflict can lead to some seriously negative side-effects and therefore needs addressing to ensure the best outcome for everyone. In a recent blog post, we outlined a series of tips to help you bridge the gap between your sales and marketing functions.

One major problem that comes from this disconnect is the quality of leads generated by marketing that are handed to the sales team. According to Marketing Sherpa, “64% of marketers still send all leads that respond to marketing campaigns directly to sales.” Whereas Sales would prefer only leads that are ready to buy now, not every raw lead generated by marketing. So what is the solution?

At ELEVATE, we work with organizations to drive pipeline opportunities for the sales team as an extension of your team, but without the additional headcount. Our highly experienced business development consultants can help you facilitate those qualifying conversations with prospects and secure meetings for the sales team. Take a look at our Lead Generation On Demand packages to see how we make a difference for our customers.

Whether it’s inbound leads that need qualification or proactive follow-up of your key target accounts, we can provide a low cost/high value monthly solution that is easily customizable to meet your objectives. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.