Live Webinar: Marketing Vision 2020

Join us on Thursday 27th September at 8:30am Eastern (1:30pm GMT)  for this 20-minute webinar to hear from thought leader and visionary, Adam Miller discuss the future of marketing.

In this fast paced, action packed webinar, learn:

  • Why
  • What
  • How

This webinar is limited to 20 people

About The Speaker

Sales. Marketing. Data. Breakthrough Business Strategies. For over 22 years, Adam Miller has offered cutting edge, scalable solutions for the world’s most prestigious and forward thinking companies. He is a visionary leader and founder with a reputation as an innovator and fixer. Adam is a serial entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for building things. Founder and Group Chief Executive of THE ELEVATE GROUP, datareef, Latin Target and An adventurer at heart, this Pilot/Sailor escapes from business-as-usual voyaging the Caribbean and Latin America with his family.

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