Grow Your Pipeline,
Not Your Inside Sales Team

Our versatile and experienced business development teams can be rapidly deployed to support your existing sales team with following up existing leads or utilized to generate highly qualified appointments in your key accounts.

On-Demand gives you the ability to easily commit additional specialist resources to assist and support your Inside Sales efforts.

Why use ELEVATE’s Inside Sales Reps On-Demand?

Consistent ROI
Fast, scalable and fully customizable
Deep industry and domain knowledge for complex business issues
Global coverage, including North America, EMEA and Latin America
Over 22 years’ experience

How does it work?

We become an extension of your sales and marketing teams, and we using the same qualification criteria as your existing sales processes.  As part of our Initial Project Briefing, we review your existing criteria and agree on what constitutes a qualified lead/opportunity for your business. ELEVATE will only set meetings or teleconferences that meet this criteria. We will also provide valuable information as to why it may not be appropriate to set a meeting, or seek referrals if someone else in the organization would be more appropriate to initiate the relationship with.

What results will you generate?

There are many factors that contribute to our success, including the number of target accounts, market readiness of the offering or solution, your companies’ presence and brand, and also any marketing activity carried out simultaneously.

While we can’t guarantee a result, our typical conversation rates for the below plans are as follows:

  • For New Business, we would expect to deliver 4-5 qualified appointments each and every month
  • For Growing Business, we would expect to deliver 6-8 qualified appointments each and every month
  • For Hyper Growth, we would expect to deliver 10-12 qualified appointments each and every month

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Pricing Models

Our commercial model has been developed to be scalable depending on the amount of resource you need.  We can customize a plan to your exact requirements, but our simple pricing plans are as follows:
[pricing_column title=”New Business” type=”” price=”$3,750″ time=”USD per month”]
[pricing_row]32 hours per month[/pricing_row]
[pricing_column title=”Growing Business” type=”featured” price=”$5,750″ time=”USD per month”]
[pricing_row]48 hours per month[/pricing_row]

[pricing_column title=”Hyper Growth” type=”” price=”$9,600″ time=”USD per month”]
[pricing_row]80 hours per month[/pricing_row]

[pricing_column title=”+
Project Briefing & Set Up” type=”” price=”$1,500″ time=”one time investment”]


Do you work on a performance basis? e.g. cost per appointment or bonus

No. We only set appointments where there is a qualified business opportunity. In other words, we don’t set meetings for meetings sake, nor do we bonus our team based on the number of appointments they set.

Do you have access to a database?

On-Demand monthly plans are based on working with your existing leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation system. If you need access to a database for a campaign, we’d be delighted to assist you. Please contact the ELEVATE Data & Analytics team.

How long is the agreement?

Our typical On-Demand plans are for one year to truly benefit from ongoing demand generation for your business. For new On-Demand plans we can run a pilot program for a 3 to 6 month period dependent on your business objectives.

What if we don’t use the allotted hours?

Unused resource hours are rolled over to the following month for a maximum period of 2 months

What is your cancellation period?

30 days’ written notice after initial pilot period noted in the agreement.

Our Clients

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