10 Self-Care Tips to help you through the Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Self-Care Tips to help you through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Self-care is a crucial part of promoting general mental well-being. If people do not have the ability to care for themselves, they lose the ability to care for and about others. Encouraging your staff to take time for themselves will be a valuable investment as the isolation and social distancing measures continue.

Here are 10 self-care tips from ELEVATE Academy you can use to help keep your team engaged and mentally stimulated:

  1. Take ten minutes every day for yourself to either meditate, listen to music, sit outside, do something which you can do on your own and which you know relaxes you
  2. Reach out to friends and family or maybe an acquaintance you haven’t spoken with in a while and set up video calls. The face-to-face interaction is very important and helps increase feelings of social connectedness.
  3. Make some form of exercise a part of your daily routine, moving is very important to maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle
  4. Trying to eat healthy may seem obvious but is one tip which is not always easy to follow. If you are able to change small things in your diet to have an overall balanced diet it will help you feel good in general
  5. Create a deliberate habit, something you can do every day that makes you happy, call someone who makes you smile, listen to your favorite podcast, stretch for 10 minutes at the same time. Whatever it is always allow yourself to do it on a regular schedule.
  6. Insert some silliness into your life, laughter is an amazing cure for many ills. Whether this means playing with family, a pet, watching a favorite comedian, make sure you can smile and laugh
  7. Be aware of your thoughts, it is ok to experience a range of emotions, especially during stressful times. Do not judge yourself for having these, but know they are there. Maybe keep a journal or document them on video but track how you are feeling.
  8. Learn something new, take the opportunity in uncertain times to learn a new skill or activity you have been wanting to try
  9. SLEEP! This one is very important, sticking to a routine sleep schedule is hugely helpful especially if your normal daily routine is thrown-off you can mimic some normalcy by setting your schedule
  10. Breath! This may seem like second nature, but taking 30 second every hour to mindfully breathe deeply can help with muscle relaxation, increase blood flow, and just de-stress your mind.

If you found these self-care tips helpful, please check out our Mental Health and Physical Well Being Toolkit.  In light of the current pandemic, we’re making this course 100% free to all business leaders.

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