The Coronavirus Business Preparedness Toolkit is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to reduce negative impacts on their company as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will help you navigate the difficult situation we are all facing by guiding the process of systematically compiling crucial data in each department to inform the hard decisions that must be made. The toolkit also provides an overview of the pandemic, why it is unique, and what essential information regarding the spread of the virus as a business leader you need to know.

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Introduction to the Coronavirus Preparedness Toolkit

What you can expect from this course and how to use the tools on a company-wide basis.

Business Leaders First Steps

An overview of where to begin and how to strategize initial steps with your senior management team.

Company-Wide Actions

How to communicate departmental strategies and establish preventative measures to protect the health of your workforce.

Public Health Implications: Facts and Global Trends

Understand the uniqueness of covid-19 and what implications for action this may have for your company.

Finance Department

Strategize department objectives and establish a baseline from which you can understand financially where your company currently stands.

How to plan ahead using this information to make informed decisions.

Sales Department

Utilize department objectives to formulate a plan for your sales team, positioning your company with clients and customers in the best possible light.

Operations Department

Define department objectives by running risk assessments and prioritization on current and projected work impact.

Human Resource Department

Outline department objectives which protect your team, fulfil legal obligations, and establish functional remote working policies.

IT Department

Craft department objectives focused on the protection of your data, cyber security, and hardware assets.

Marketing Department

Communicate department objectives both internally and externally to maintain clear and relevant campaign cycles.

Lastly, a Resource Center

Online tools and references for further support

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Enter your details below, and we'll email you when the course content goes live.  When you sign up today, you'll get a bonus of a 1-to-1 consulting call with our course leaders too.


Shira Goldstein - Academy Director

Shira Goldstein

Academy Director
An entrepreneur and a leader in the humanitarian aid arena, Shira has worked globally for 14 years in the non-profit sector. Beginning at age 19 founding and then managing a rural health clinic in West Africa, she grew from local experience to focus on emergency response around the world. Always keeping true to the roots of community first, Shira had the privilege to lead teams in some of the direst humanitarian and natural disasters facing the globe. Through all this, a deeper question continued to drive her professional life forward; how to bridge the gap and engage the business community to address some of the biggest challenges facing humankind. Joining ELEVATE provided the opportunity to create guiding frameworks for companies to propel their own success forward while equally creating positive impact on people and the planet.

Adam Miller

Group Chief Executive
An innovator and a visionary, Adam has offered cutting edge scalable solutions for the world’s most prestigious forward-thinking companies for over 25 years. Earning a reputation with an insatiable appetite for building things, he is the Founder and Chief Executive of The ELEVATE Group, the strategic & tactical partner to ambitious leaders looking to drive sales & marketing success. An adventurer at heart, Adam consistently pushes boundaries and seeks opportunity to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Sales. Marketing. Data. Breakthrough Business Strategies. He never strays away from a challenge. Analytical in his approach to breaking down complex processes, Adam is a leader who believes in constant self-improvement, giving back, and helping those around him succeed. Adam is keen to share the wealth of knowledge and experience gained through having successfully weathered two recessions with those needing it most.


Came away with lots of quick wins and some more medium-term goals. Really good insights.  This has completely changed our plans, and really made me think about possible scenarios and outcomes. Left the course with heaps of ideas.

Frank Covin,
KIS Associates

I’m blown away by the wealth of knowledge shared by ELEVATE.  I have reviewed each section from templates to strategies to step-by-step guides to navigate critical areas of my business.  This information will keep me organized and productive in the coming weeks.  If you are a business owner seeking a took-kit to save time and research during this uncertain time – you have found it!

Tara MacIntosh
Tara MacIntosh,
The Writing Suite


Get instant access to departmental checklists and templates for rapid incorporation of strategies.

Gain valuable insights into how contingency planning for Covid-19 must be unique and fact-based surrounding this particular outbreak.

Focus on running your business knowing you have taken the right steps in protecting your company and your team.


Built by Public Health Specialists & Experts in Business Contingency Planning

Financial Impacts

Reduced Cash Flow

Lengthened Payment Schedules

Non payment due to Bankruptcy

HR Impacts

Reduced Workforce Management

Remote Working Practices & Policies

Emotional Instability

Key Person Absence

Commercial Impacts

Sales Pipeline Reduction

Indecision from Customers

Prolonged Sales Cycles

Sales Commissions

Technology Impacts

Remote Productivity Tools

Additional Training Required

Security Threats from Remote Access

Increased Hardware Requirement

Operational Impacts

Supplier Delays

Unachievable Deadlines due to absence

Performance Reduction

Delivery Delays

3rd Party Slowdown


Prepare your business for the potentially devastating impact of the pandemic

Step by step, easy to follow process, to prepare your business

Address Key Concerns & Potential Threats

Accelerates Business Continuity

Now is the time to take action! Protect your company by preparing for a variety of scenarios as this pandemic unfolds.

The World is Facing a State of Crisis, Position Your Business To Mitigate The Impact As Much As Possible.

Contingency Planning for Each Department

Implementing Health Protocols to Prevent Rapid Spread of Covid-19

Addressing Key Departmental Concerns and Potential Threats


Communicate Company Wide Messaging

with staff, clients, and suppliers to clearly communicate contingency plans

Establish Necessary Public Health Protocols

to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at work and home

Implement Quarantine Protocols

if your staff or immediate contacts test positive for Covid-19
promoting speedy individual and company-wide recovery

Develop a Range of Strategies

accounting for different scenarios of the virus
impact on the business and your staff

Start Addressing The Issues Today!

and position your company and your team for the best possible outcomes


Nowhere Else Can You Find These Insights Compiled In One Place…

While there is a lot of general information out there, this is the only toolkit put together by a Public Health Specialist and a 25+ year business owner, creating a unique and comprehensive perspective. We want you to benefit from our combined years of experience in fighting epidemics and helping companies protect their revenue streams. It is the perfect mix of expertise to address your concerns.

The Pandemic Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better…

There is still a lot to learn about COVID-19, but what we do understand is this virus spreads slower and more steadily than other influenzas. This means that scientists are predicting between 40%-70% of the world’s population will become infected with the virus. This is not a reason to panic, as most people infected with the disease will not die. However, it is a reason to prepare, as the pandemic will continue to spread causing a global economic downturn.

“The Pandemic Won’t Affect My Company…”

In an inter-connected world, a pandemic of this scope will have a broad impact on local, national, and global economies. Every business will feel the effects, but how detrimental it becomes for each company in each industry will depend on how prepared they are. This is why we want you to take advantage of our toolkit now to build appropriate resiliency measures into your company today!

Why Isn’t This Toolkit Free?

The value that you are gaining from this toolkit isn’t simply access to information, it is a comprehensive set of templates and checklists which allow you to focus your decision making process in every crucial department. It is easy to use, removing hours of thinking-time, and is built from our dedication to providing you with the most relevant public health data, business insights, and strategic planning acumen. 

How much does this cost?

We have adopted a Pay What You Can model based on a desire to make this toolkit immediately available to as many organizations as possible. This enables the stronger companies to support the organizations who are facing more hardship and ensure that our business communities and workforces have the help they need in these challenging times. We are offering free access for qualified non-profits and charities.

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