All data is not created equal

Our business is based on a single principle that driving revenue is only possible when you connect directly with the right people.

We recognize that personalization aligned with the correct targeting of your message has a direct impact on the success of your work.

Over 2 decades of experience gives us the unique ability to build the most accurate and highest quality account & contact data in the industry, use the right technologies to manage it and the expert knowledge to keep it that way.

We combine a multitude of disciplines from best in class research, rigorous human verification, third party software tools and strategic insight to combat the very real issue of data hygiene.

Our data team are experts when it comes to global structures, corporate hierarchies, job roles, industries and GDPR compliance, with extensive experience in CRM & MAP technologies.

This perfect blend of knowledge & technology delivers you the most accurate and relevant information on your customers and prospects – continuously.



AMDOCS | How do you build a solid data foundation to drive strong engagement?