Crossing the chasm. 1+1=3

Our belief of Account Based Marketing is founded on the principle that every key account relationship should be about understanding and leverage.

Two organizations who collaborate well will be many times more effective as each of them operating independently. Each will see what other might miss – strengths can be leveraged while holding each other to higher standards.

As companies constantly add more products and services to sell to the same customer, existing relationships will change, new relationships need to be built and perceived value must increase.

We blend the expertise from our different businesses to give complete visibility of each key account, understand the current landscape and leverage this to start new relationships in different functions of the organization.

The team’s unique capability to build organizational structures, understand existing and new value propositions, then professionally discuss these topics with senior executives to generate highly qualified meetings, leads to a rapid increase of opportunities and perceived value.

By harnessing the brutal simplicity of focus on key accounts and complimenting it with intelligent human interaction, creates an exceptional increase in significance and revenue growth.



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