How do you build a solid data foundation to drive engagement?


Following a move from Eloqua to Marketo, we helped AMDOCS create a clean Marketing Automation Platform instance to leverage their ABM data ecosystem through customized segmentation and highly accurate account and contact data.


Amdocs was struggling to have an accurate view of its marketing account and contact data following numerous acquisitions of new companies, merging of lists from random sources, and the recent integration between and Marketo.

They needed to rediscover a single source of truth.  The critical factors were to align the data to accurate company hierarchies, accommodate multiple languages, various lead sources (up to 10-20 inbound channels live at all times), accurate integration between & Marketo, and provide executive reporting on campaign success and revenue contribution.

Historically, Amdocs had outsourced their data challenges a few times to other vendors and experienced a myriad of issues that caused continuous problems.  Attempts to automate their data optimization and enhancement practices were plagued with low match rates, incorrect data, and correct information being overwritten.

They needed customized requirements that focused on business specific data segmentation such as job role, function, and classifications that were aligned to their own terminology and strategy.

It became clear that in order to have relevant marketable contacts that drove engagement, the data needed to be managed and reviewed by humans and not by an automation alone. It needed a combination of man and machine working together to harmonize the process who were market leaders in data management and the telecoms industry.

They needed to have complete trust in their marketing account and contact data.

Our Solution

Strategic Data Audit

We used the Strategic Data Audit and Alignment methodology to assess all the amalgamated data in Marketo, to identify key areas that required immediate optimization and enhancement.  An important part of this audit assessment was to create a baseline where the marketing data was needed, in order to be successful at ABM and person target marketing.

  • Intelligent review of 80,000 contacts in Marketo
  • Create clear account hierarchies & naming conventions
  • Optimize persona gaps and update persona lists
  • Implement customized segmentation & alignment to business strategy
  • Highlight bad & irrelevant data
  • Identify bad data capture processes —Social Sign-on, no standardized form capture
  • Create Marketo data management smart lists

Data Enhancement

All the elements of the audit were gathered and summarized to provide roadmaps for the accounts and contacts. Utilizing numerous tools, and our industry expertise of global telecoms operators, we enhanced the overall completeness of the data. This included filling in obvious persona gaps like job role or level, removing duplicate records, archiving expired emails, rationalizing the naming standards on accounts, standardizing data fields and classifications, providing insight into persona gaps within existing accounts, and identifying accounts that should be part of the database but are not. These contacts were then custom built using the ELEVATE List Building methodology to ensure that each account had the target personas required by the sales team.

“By working with ELEVATE, Amdocs quickly realized the benefits of using a team of data experts who could customize the data segmentation, making it more meaningful for the users of the database to leverage for ABM or target persona marketing”


On completion of the strategic data audit & enhancement, a fresh analysis of the data was conducted to provide baseline metrics.  An Executive Summary of the findings gave a complete 360 degrees perspective of the data and its completeness, enabling highly targeted ABM campaigns to be launched with the confidence that the message would reach its intended target. Processes were then developed to preserve the enhanced data and abolish risk of accepting poor quality inbound information from sources internally and externally.

This provided the core principles of the ongoing ELEVATE Data Management process, that was then rolled out to the rest of the global marketing function.

  • Optimized 80 000 contact records
  • 5k duplicate records identified
  • 25k+ invalid records identified
  • 33k+ incomplete records identified
  • 35% data removed as not relevant
  • 50 smart lists created
  • Roadmap & processes for ongoing alignment

“The Data Alignment Audit was critical to building the foundation for a solid Marketing Data Integrity Strategy.  We continued our ongoing engagement with the ELEVATE team, having them enhance our existing data and build missing contacts, so that we could rely on our marketing campaigns to have strong engagement with a personalized touch.  We believe this duo combination has been key to our overall marketing success.  We knew our data was out of date and not properly aligned to our business strategies. The ELEVATE team were able to highlight critical data gaps, recommend data enhancement strategies, and manage the process start to finish like true experts.” 

Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations – Amdocs

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