How do you build a critical net-new pipeline, when your sales team is focused on existing portfolios and you have limited demand generation resources?

Executive Summary

A leading provider of innovative digital, cloud, and advisory services had a pressing need to increase revenues in North America.  A key business strategy was to target net-new logos or re-activate dormant relationships with organizations reviewing their ERP needs. A partnership was formed with ELEVATE to create a scalable, multi-channel lead-nurture and development program to drive pipeline and revenue impact.

The Challenge

The Business Applications group needed to drive new sales opportunities for their ERP solutions. The Business Development Executives (BDEs) were focused on existing portfolios, and the business had a pressing need to create net-new pipeline and qualify their white-space, unmanaged, or dormant accounts in the North America market. The business development resources consisted of only one marketing lead for the solution across the entire region and no additional
team bandwidth.

The marketing team wanted to impact measurable pipeline contribution. The sales team needed to ensure opportunities were not only generated, but secure revenue realized. ELEVATE was integrated to create a best-in-class lead development engine.

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Program Details:

The current program details include:

  • Social, digital and telephone engagement
  • Long-term, high-touch outreach cadences
  • Data-driven metrics and insight

It is a sophisticated, highly performing engine that:

  • Increases (brand/product) awareness
  • Nurtures and develops key-buyer relationships over time
  • Uncovers and qualifies market needs and potential
    opportunities for the team
  • Drive net-new or reactivated client accounts and
    revenue realized

A high-touch, multi-channel lead nurture and development program.

The Solution

Using our Outbound Lead Development methodology, we began by engaging in an in-depth activation session to understand: the roles and responsibilities of target buyers and a focused ICP, the company’s ERP value proposition and differentiators, the digital and verbal messaging to take to market, the criteria for lead qualification, as well as the routing and rules for lead hand-off to their BDEs.

The team focused on targeted industry sectors across North America. We engaged from the start (and continue to this day) with a transparent one-team mindset and total -trust communication. This ensured trust in us to continually innovate and adjust our tactics to align with a single, explicit goal: REVENUE. ELEVATE’s measurement of success: solid leads.

The program evolved through numerous beta-tested focus channels – between social, digital, and phone outreach. Through weekly metrics and special case reports, we are all able to see real-time results from time and budget investment. This allowed us to make collaborative decisions on best course -corrections, next steps, and ways to continually optimize.
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Revenue generated. Pipeline impacted. Qualified Ideal Customer Profile engagement.

Overall, a tailored framework that was boutique engineered for the company. One that created
profitable revenue:

  • 35 Qualified Appointments Generated
  • 1,150 Net-new Decision Maker Contacts sourced and nurtured
  • Over 900% ROI across first 2 years
  • 220% annualized ROI
  • $46.2 million USD total pipeline influenced / generated
” The ROI really speaks for itself as our truest measure of success here. We couldn’t have driven this pipeline without ELEVATE. The team are always agile, communicative, and expert at keeping us on the course for highest possible impact and value-add to our pipeline and our business.”

Global Applications Business Marketing Lead