StarLeaf’s Conversion Rate Skyrockets with ELEVATE’s Lead Qualification Services

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Key Results:
  • Converted AQLs to MQLs at a rate of 45.5%, double the industry standard of 20%
  • 650+ MQLs generated by ELEVATE, with an average of 55 MQLs per month
  • $3.1 million in open opportunities generated by ELEVATE

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StarLeaf has been providing cloud-based video conferencing services that deliver secure, reliable, and rich video conferencing to enterprises since 2008. StarLeaf is an international company, operating in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and the United States.

Damion Mower is the Demand Generation Marketing Director at StarLeaf. His team is responsible for delivering leads to the sales team. Prior to working with ELEVATE, his team struggled to qualify leads internally. Due to the sheer size and number of territories, Damion’s team had to focus purely on generating inquires. “All inquiries were sent directly to sales as leads, with little to no qualification,” said Damion. This meant that the sales team had to sort through the queue to pick out the good leads and subsequently spend time qualifying them.


Mounting frustration on the sales side prompted Damion’s investigation into an agency who could assist with this critical handoff between marketing and sales. StarLeaf had a lot of factors to consider when choosing an agency. The key factors included: knowledge of demand generation, tenacity to chase down leads, a sense of urgency, knowledge of Salesforce and Pardot (their marketing automation tool), and most importantly, the agency needed to have agents who could speak the local languages. It was critical that the agency sounded local to their key priority growth markets, whether it was the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia or the United States, when calling the lead. “We interviewed many agencies before choosing ELEVATE. When comparing the different options, ELEVATE was the only one that met all of our requirements,” Damion said.

Damion was impressed with the detailed briefing that ELEVATE conducted with the marketing, sales, and product teams. ELEVATE worked closely with the heads of sales in each of the five territories to ensure everyone was clear about how appointments would be set and the translations of the calling guide. Once the briefings were completed, ELEVATE was able to quickly make an impact on the number of inbound leads passed to sales. ELEVATE seamlessly integrated with StarLeaf’s processes and updated their Pardot system in real time with MQLs.

“ELEVATE really sped up the process of moving from an inquiry to a lead. They improved the quality of the lead handed to sales, and ultimately the quality of the handshake between marketing and sales,” Damion shared. ELEVATE’s polite persistence resulted in a monthly average of 55 appointments set on the inbound side. After a few months of working with ELEVATE on inbound lead generation, the sales team created wishlists for ELEVATE to do outbound calling. “The outbound work done by ELEVATE was very successful. Major accounts where we struggled to make contact, ELEVATE was able to find and set appointments with key decision makers,” said Damion. ELEVATE was able to set appointments with 50 major accounts, that spanned the various regions and including industries from the Fortune 500 and FTSE 250.


Now, Damion’s team is able to focus on driving inquires. No longer is there attention split between AQLs (inquires) and MQLs (marketing qualified leads). Marketing is able to focus on generating inquires and sales is able to focus on closing deals. From the 597 AQLs that ELEVATE received from StarLeaf, they were able to generate 272 MQLs, with a conversion rate of 45.5%. The industry average for this conversion rate was just under 20%. In less than a year, ELEVATE generated a total of 651 MQLs.

ELEVATE also provided Damion with a Power BI Dashboard to see inbound and outbound activities. This reporting functionality has made it easy for him to get insight into the effectiveness and activity of both his team and ELEVATE. The Power BI Report, that is now standard for ELEVATE’s clients, provides detailed insight into the lead activity for each territory. This reporting now serves as the foundation for making strategic marketing decisions about where to invest time and money to maximize results.

Further, ELEVATE has empowered StarLeaf’s sales team. Previously, sales had to set their own appointments, struggled to reach key decision makers, and was not able to focus on closing deals. Working with ELEVATE created a reliable, consistent flow of appointments. To date, StarLeaf has closed $550,000 of new business from 24 different companies across the 5 territories, as a direct result of the leads from ELEVATE. Currently, StarLeaf still has $3.1 million of open opportunities in the pipeline created by ELEVATE. “ELEVATE really became a trusted partner for us. They took time to understand our business, deployed quickly, and were exceptionally responsive,” said Damion.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”” size=”” icon=”star”][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

About StarLeaf:

StarLeaf is a fast growing, innovative video conferencing company that offers business communication solutions across the globe. Regularly ranked as one of the fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte and recently named 36th on the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. For more information, visit www.starleaf.com


ELEVATE is the new breed of integrated marketing & demand generation specialist. Our services combine the disciplines of Data Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Data Management and Operational Strategy. Together these blended services enable us to deliver what you need in this new era of multi-channel marketing.

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