CXO Appointment Setting and Speed Touch Market Testing

Advancement has meant many changes, now more so than ever before, with so many new technologies and new channels. However, one critical reality will never change, despite all advancements: Simple as it seems, people must still connect on a personal level and build relationships. For nearly 2 decades, ELEVATE has been bringing CXO’s and decisions makers of G1000 companies together to meet with our clients.

For over 10 years, we have been developing these initial relationships for Accenture, maximizing the Marketing ROI and bringing Accenture to sit at the table of opportunity. Our thorough understanding of Accenture’s culture, ethos, solutions and expectations of quality enables us to take your offering, extract the core fiber of its value proposition and deliver your message to your target with precision and professionalism. We have worked extensively with the Operating Groups and the North American Geo team to drive over 170 CXO meetings in the last 3 years with Red, Foundation and Diamond clients.

Classic CXO Appointment Setting

Highly successful campaigns are built from the ground up. Identifying the relevant key contacts to be targeted, by their role and responsibility, is the first step in this process. Next, an in-depth brief is taken with your team, uncovering salient points of your offering and exploring the likely requirements and pains faced by the targets of our outreach. Role plays are conducted with the CAL or topic expert to ensure that everyone is confident with our messaging and approach and, most importantly, to satisfy you completely in our ability to represent you at the most senior levels. An email campaign is then sent to position a strong value proposition and introduction of Accenture before our personal follow up commences.

A highly experienced ELEVATE consultant – with a background of working with Accenture – will then telephone the target contacts, building strong relationships with EAs en-route. When speaking with the contact we will have a conversation around Accenture’s value proposition, gaining feedback on their current situation and identifying specific areas of pain and interest. Our focus is to gather information and guide the conversation so we can secure a qualified meeting for Accenture to move forward and develop the relationship in person.

As the world around us becomes more and more hectic, people are inherently more difficult to reach. Appointment setting campaigns of this nature may last many months but have extremely tangible RMI.  Typically, Accenture’s target market is highly focused and defined – we understand this and have the patience and tenacity required therefore to maximize every opportunity to the fullest potential for you.

Speed Touch Appointment Setting and Market Testing

Circumstances determine different levels and speeds of action. In some cases a more streamlined approach to qualifying your market is required, rather than classic CXO appointment setting. Using the same core approach detailed with the classic methodology, Speed Touch has been developed by ELEVATE to set a fixed time frame and number of calls to a given contact, to move quickly through your target market and pick off low hanging fruit. The result is a smaller number of meetings but in a greatly reduced time frame and the investment required can be considerably less.

On occasion, before embarking on a large marketing outreach – with numerous hours spent on developing collaterals and messaging – it is incredibly helpful to have some key feedback from the market to validate your approach and messaging.  In this case a Speed Touch campaign can be deployed in a matter of days to your target audience. Our conversations can deliver almost immediate feedback and some introductory meetings for Accenture to build relationships and refine their message and direction. Tweaks to messaging can be made at any moment based on market feedback, setting things in motion for a larger campaign with proven positioning.