ELEVATE Announces New Leadership Team for Sustained Growth


06 June 2023  [Bristol, UK] — Following sustained double-digit growth in revenue over the last few years, ELEVATE, a global marketing and sales advisory firm, has announced a new leadership team effective June 6, 2023, to support the next stage of their ambitious growth. 

ELEVATE was founded nearly 30 years ago on the principles of helping companies drive revenue with absolute certainty. Still, in recent years, the company repositioned itself to help companies adapt to and solve some of their toughest revenue generation challenges.

With the current economic climate, the rise of generative AI, and changes in buyer behaviours, what used to work in marketing and sales no longer does. Emerging and enterprise companies must dramatically rethink how they go to market and adapt to new market conditions. Whether driving new logos or expanding existing customers, brands looking to stay ahead of the curve must bridge the complexities between sales and marketing.

“Seeing this market change with many of our customers, we know we have a unique position in the fields of Account-Based Marketing, Demand Generation, and Data, Analytics, and Platforms,” says Adam Miller, ELEVATE CEO. “Never have I been more excited to serve our customers and help them surpass their business objectives with our expanded team.”

Joining the global leadership team are

Mike Oliver, Managing Director

Mike Oliver, Managing Director 

Based in London, Mike Oliver brings a track record of transformation and innovation from various industries, including large-scale enterprises, the public sector, and start-ups. His expertise in statistics, data and analytics, performance improvement, and strategy are set to have a massive impact on all clients. Mike also has practical experience in the fields of innovation, digital transformation, organizational development, business strategy, operations, and performance improvement.

Eric Gilespie, Head of Account Based Experiences (ABX)

Eric Gillespie, leading the Account Based Experience (ABX) Division

Based in Canada, Eric brings extensive experience building transformative global frameworks, creating high-value strategic plans, and developing teams that govern the strategy and execution of complex marketing solutions. An expert in customer centric sales acceleration, revenue expansion cultivating brand development at the global level.

ELEVATE’s expanded leadership team now includes:

  • Adam Miller, Group CEO
  • Mike Oliver, Managing Director
  • Russelia Ferreira, Chief Product Officer
  • Phil Christmas, Interim CFO
  • Eric Gillespie, Head of Account-Based Experiences (ABX)
  • Nick Miles, Head of Growth
  • Claire Ross, Head of Relationship Management
  • Andy Lockey, Head of Demand Generation
  • Cristina Montenegro, Head of SDR
  • Kristel Best, Head of People & Talent

We expanded our team to position our clients for success, ensuring they receive the strategies and insights needed to hit their revenue objectives with absolute certainty.” emphasizes Miller.

For more information, please contact hello@thinkelevate.com or thinkelevate.com/people 


The ELEVATE Group is a collection of 3 specialist businesses. Each with a different center of gravity. All under one roof. Together we engage the core framework that maximizes driving revenue.
The result: a Group that’s much stronger than the sum of its parts.

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