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hurricane dorian relief effort


The images and videos we have all seen of Hurricane Dorian are horrific; experiencing it in reality is far more emotional.

Nothing can describe seeing the pain in your friends eyes when you ask them if their families are ok and they say, “No, we lost some of them! ” or the despair you feel when they tell you they’ve lost everything they own.

Personally, I have never seen people that I have known for years feel so grateful for a bottle of water, some canned food, or just to hug you…relieved to make human contact because they are still alive.

For those who know me personally and those who don’t, Grand Bahama has been my home for the last 15 years. In that time, our island has seen many hurricanes, but nothing like this.

My friends – this community, the Bahamian people, are suffering and hurting yet in this time of great tragedy they are standing together to help and support each other and try, however painful, to rebuild their lives and those around them.

Please, join forces with Team ELEVATE to make a difference in their lives and in the communities of Grand Bahama.

Adam Miller, CEO

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Continuous airlift supply chain

Currently, we are collecting supplies and helping on the ground with search and rescue operations and air evacuation support.

All donations go to:

All donations go to supplying critical goods distributed through our local networks and needed emergency air support. Supplies included but are not limited to: medicine, first-aid, water, generators, canned food, hygienic products, blankets/towels and other basic essentials. Our list of families who have lost their homes continues to grow and they are in desperate need of essentials. After supplying critical goods and needed emergency air support, we will transition any remaining funds into micro financing for locals to rebuild their businesses, and long-term community infrastructure rebuilding and relief efforts.

help the bahamas

Sadly, there are still many missing people, family members and friends – so we are doing everything we are able to help deal with the urgency of this situation.