Scaling Your Sales

Through Customer Retention

Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

What if you could keep your customers for years and continue to grow with them? What if everyone in your company was responsible for customer retention? What if everyone in your company sold?

When a culture of caring permeates your company everyone takes responsibility for the customer’s success and helps to solve for customers so they buy – sales.

If the answer to every question about building a successful sales team came back to the process of delivering successful outcomes for customers, how would that change your company?

Adam Miller recounts his 30 year journey at ELEVATE, building an organization where every team member takes responsibility for the success of the customer and everyone sells.

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[00:00] Sales is Solving Problems

[08:06] Scaling Sales

[14:16]0 Sales Skills are Teachable

[15:11] Hybrid Selling and Hiring Remote Sellers

[19:38] Retaining Talent

[22:54] Hunters, Account Managers and Customer Success

[27:31] Measuring Customer Success and Corporate Courage

[32:40] Selling is a Team Sport

[34:56] Adapting to Self Service Buyer Behaviour

About Adam Miller

The ELEVATE Group – Chief Executive Officer
ELEVATE Capital – Private Equity Investor
Bahamas Air Sea Rescue – Northern Bahamas – President

An innovator and a visionary, Adam has offered cutting edge scalable solutions for the world’s most prestigious forward-thinking companies for over 25 years. Earning a reputation with an insatiable appetite for building things, he is the Founder and Chief Executive of The ELEVATE Group, the strategic & tactical partner to ambitious leaders looking to drive business success.

As a private equity investor and adventurer at heart, Adam consistently pushes boundaries and seeks opportunity to meet the needs of rapidly changing industries. Sales. Marketing. Data. Breakthrough Business Strategies. He never strays away from a challenge. Analytical in his approach to breaking down complex processes, Adam is a leader who believes in constant self-improvement, giving back, and helping those around him succeed. Outside of his passion for delivering tangible results, this Airplane & Helicopter Pilot/Sailor leads the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue’s growth and has an active role as SARDO (Search & Rescue Duty Officer) as well Airwing Rescue Captain.

About Sales Talk for CEOs

Sales Talk for CEOs, is a podcast where Alice Heiman interviews successful CEOs who have successfully scaled their B2B sales organizations. In each episode, we get to know the sales background of each CEO, dig into the strategies they’ve used to build their sales organization and wrap it up with what the future holds. We cover the good, the bad and the ugly of scaling a sales organization in order to deliver to you: value and insights.

About Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman has been helping companies increase sales for over 20 years. As a thought leader she is always incorporating the newest research and best practices so that the sales programs she provides produce results. Other sales coaches tell you how to increase sales but few show you exactly what to do it and make it so easy. Alice will show you a simple process, that fits your company culture, to generate leads, handle objections, close the deal, retain customers and get a consistent flow of referrals. To find out more visit

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