A Lead Generation On-Demand Success Story


AnubisNetworks were looking for a partner to provide their sales team with a continuous supply of qualified leads and meetings scheduled on an ongoing basis for their real time threat intelligence solution, Cyberfeed.


ELEVATE was contracted to provide Lead Generation On-Demand and inside sales support on an ongoing monthly basis. After the initial pilot proved successful, AnubisNetworks doubled the amount of monthly resource in order to accelerate and drive meetings faster.


  • 130 qualified appointments from 379 accounts – an average of 11 qualified meetings per month
  • 443 definitive responses obtained.
  • Marketing database cleaned of inappropriate, left or qualified-out contacts

Enter Nuno Vieira da Silva, Head of Sales and Business Development, AnubisNetworks…

What Was Your Need?

“I knew that our sales team needed more resources to drive more opportunities into the pipeline and to help us to achieve the stiff targets we had been set by the Group.

The targets were realistic but challenging, and I knew I needed my key sales people to focus on qualified client meetings, to push real opportunities through the pipeline and close deals.

Our product is quite technical, our clients are discerning, and our sales cycle is quite long as a result. Our key sales people need to focus on these opportunities and put a lot of work into closing them. But, that means that they don’t have the time to research new contacts, send emails, make introductions, qualify prospects and go through the repetitive lead generation process, and chasing executives for a meeting.

We realised that we needed a specialist department to focus on this part of the marketing and sales process, but previous agencies we’d worked with just didn’t make the grade. They couldn’t offer the flexibility we needed and, more importantly, were not providing meetings that were qualified well enough – they were ultimately wasting our time rather than saving it.”

Why did you chose ELEVATE?

“ELEVATE were able to help me to make the case internally through their 20 years of experience, impressive credentials, evidence of their success and their ability to demonstrate the stringent, reliable and repeatable processes that they would employ on our behalf. I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail and it was not hard to put my trust in them, and they also helped me to win over our internal teams to the plan.”

How did the process work out?

“We had a face-to-face meeting to personally brief ELEVATE on our company, industry and product and everything they would need to do an excellent job. They were able to demonstrate that they had learned well by producing a very thorough and effective Calling Guide that their team would use, and conducting role play calls with our team to prove that they could put it into practice under pressure.

We were impressed with how quickly things moved once we had got approval for the campaign. We were able to meet in person within a week of agreeing terms, they were able to start calling on our behalf within two weeks, and the first qualified meeting was set on only the third day of calling. This was a much quicker turn around than we had expected, given the size and complexity of the project and our previous experience.”

What results did you see?

“The quality and qualification of meetings that we had required was delivered, and we were able to have much better visibility of the meetings coming up and much more confidence in their potential value to us right from the point when the meeting was set.

The monthly target of meetings was consistently hit, and often exceeded. By the end of the year, we had had 130 confirmed and qualified meetings set by ELEVATE.

The increase in opportunities into our pipeline was noticeable and real income was added to our bottom line from deals directly related to ELEVATE’s activities closing during the life of the project.

ELEVATE regularly shared with us the full contact list they were working from, including all of the updates and additional contacts they were able to identify. By the end of the year, this comprised 1,314 contacts that we were able to add to our database and include in future marketing campaigns, share thought leadership with, and invite to our webinars.”

What was it like to work with ELEVATE?

“I developed a great relationship with my Project Manager, who remained a consistent point of contact throughout the year. We had weekly update calls to discuss progress and any requests we made were dealt with promptly. Status reports were delivered consistently and included the data I requested and allowed me to demonstrate the continued value of the project to my internal teams and to track progress with the meetings set. Any meetings that had to be re-arranged were handled professionally. My Account Manager remained involved in the process all the way through and was always keeping an eye on the success of the project and my happiness as a client and remained available as an additional point of contact, should I need them.”

What was the outcome of the project?

“The immediate success of the project led us to double the budget for 6 key months during the first year in order to ‘make hay while the sun shone’ and maximise the number of meetings we could have and to keep our growing sales team busy.

We also extended the process to include preparations for an important annual trade show and to set meetings for our executives at that event.

Given the success of the first year, it was not a hard decision to continue the same model into a second year, and this continues to deliver consistent results to us to this day.

In the longer term, we know that a lot more people have heard of AnubisNetworks and our Cyberfeed product, and have had a positive introduction to it through ELEVATE’s work. We can see that this is beneficial to our brand awareness and reputation in the industry and will only help us in future marketing campaigns.”

About Anubis Networks

AnubisNetworks is one of Europe´s leading threat intelligence and email security leaders and part of the BitSight Group. They develop advanced IT security solutions for telecommunications service providers, large corporations and government organizations.

Their main product is Cyberfeed, a subscription based service that allows customers to obtain real time intelligence data feeds about events related to security threats, as seen worldwide, pre-processed for relevance and scope. With Cyberfeed, you can ensure customer safety against cyber threats by covering the different attack vectors and mapping the malware campaign, method and propagation can only be achieved using actionable threat intelligence.

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AnubisNetworks is one of Europe´s leading threat intelligence and email security leaders and part of the BitSight Group.

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