BroadSoft Maximizes Attendance at Mobile World Congress through ELEVATE’s Outreach Campaign

ELEVATE has 26 years experience in the telecom industry and during that time has conducted numerous lead generation and account qualification campaigns across many worldwide events such as FutureCom, AfricaCom, CTIA and IDC’s Asia Pacific Telecom Summit with extremely successful results. 

ELEVATE utilized their experience and best practices in working on hi-tech trade shows to make Mobile World Congress the most productive show to date for BroadSoft while allowing their internal teams to focus on their respective conference activities.

ELEVATE Delivered.

  • A compelling and re-usable calling guide that effectively summarizes BroadSoft’s core value proposition
  • A highly accurate and targeted database of 374 relevant c-level decision makers across the 105 target accounts
  • 22 C- Level Appointments at MWC or outside of the congress
  • Back office support during MWC to ensure that meetings went ahead as planned
  • ELEVATE reached out to out to 408 c-level executives and referrals through over 1900 dials
  • ELEVATE received 176 (43%) definitive responses and identified 62 contacts attending and 111 contacts not attending MWC.
  • Ongoing reporting and best practice support throughout the campaign’s life-cycle


Industry: Telecommunications Software Service Provide
Company Profile: BroadSoft is the leading global provider of software that enables mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to deliver real-time communications over their IP networks
Employees: 600


To maximize time and investment, and book executive meetings before, during and after Mobile World Congress with C-Level decision makers for leading unified global communications provider company, BroadSoft.


  • Lead Generation Outreach to MWC Conference Participants
  • Data Hygiene – Verification of 374 Contacts in 105 Accounts
  • Identification of C-Level Executives within Key Accounts
  • Qualified Event Meeting Confirmations & Management


  • Identifying/Cleansing of Existing Contacts
  • Identification of New C-Level Executives
  • Professional Telephone Outreach to Secure
  • Qualified Meetings


  • 100% of Deliverables Achieved
  • 22 C-Level meetings confirmed at the event.
  • An additional 5 post-event meetings/teleconferences confirmed.
  • Identified 15 contacts for post event follow up
  • Broadsoft CEO, Michael Tessler, expressed being very impressed with the work carried out by ELEVATE


BroadSoft needed to meet with as many key prospects at the Mobile World Congress as they could fit into the 3-day event. In previous years, internal sales teams had undertaken the task of conducting outreach to high priority prospects and attempting to schedule qualified appointments face-to-face at the show. They recognized how difficult and time consuming it had been to undertake this project in addition to their usual workload and decided to look for an expert partner to deliver results faster, more efficiently and without effecting other areas of the sales team’s focus.


ELEVATE cleaned and validated the BroadSoft target contact database of 374 key contacts across 105 accounts. We consider a complete, up-to-date and targeted database to be the backbone of any successful sales and marketing campaign and use a meticulous approach to sourcing data which involves intense networking by phone within each targeted account to identify all key decision makers.

ELEVATE identified all C-level executives within BroadSoft’s 105 accounts: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Strategy, and Head of Product Development and confirmed their attendance status for MWC.

ELEVATE developed a Calling Approach & Blueprint for BroadSoft to ensure the salient points of the offering were articulated to targeted Decision Makers in the best possible way and that all relevant qualification questions were asked.


Using the persistence, persuasion and people skills built up over 19 years undertaking campaigns of this kind, ELEVATE was able to make BroadSoft’s attendance at this year’s Mobile World Congress their most successful and productive yet. The internal event team was able to stay focused on their work to ensure all logistics and collateral were in place, the internal sales team could maintain their focus working on deals in the pipeline, and ELEVATE took care of filling calendars with qualified meetings before, during and after the event.

Sarita Harris, Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications, BroadSoft:
“We were surprised on how much ELEVATE accomplished! They delivered exactly what they said they would and our sales team was able to focus on the event.
We’ve worked with numerous partners in the past, and look for professionalism, knowledge of industry, and efficiency, and no one has come close to what ELEVATE delivered! ELEVATE’s approach was succinct, simple and affordable. The campaign was a tremendous success!”

About Broadsoft

BroadSoft is the leading, worldwide innovator of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications that is transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate. For over 10 years BroadSoft has been at the forefront of the IP telephony industry, helping to advance the convergence of voice, video and data. Today, BroadSoft is the backbone of more than 500 telecommunications service providers’ networks and empowers them to deliver enhanced and personalized communications and entertainment services to businesses and residential subscribers. For more information go to: 

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BroadSoft is the leading, worldwide innovator of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications that is transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

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