Maximizes ROI from International Supercomputing Event through ELEVATE's Outreach Campaign

When ClearSpeed, a world leader in low power, high performance processor technology, services and solutions, were reviewing their strategy for the key event of their calendar year, they recognized the need for expert assistance to help maximize their ROI from attendance. ELEVATE delivered by quickly implementing focused appointment setting and qualification processes and filing ClearSpeed’s diaries for the event.

ELEVATE Delivered.

  • Qualified meetings were secured with 23 of the target firms – an appointment rate of 33%.
  • Pipeline opportunities were identified from 21 of the 23 meetings held at the event.
  • The successful closing of just two opportunities provided at ROI that covered the investment with ELEVATE ten times over.
  • The best-practices demonstrated by ELEVATE throughout the process left ClearSpeed’s management team with knowledge and experience to draw upon to optimize ROI from future events.


Semiconductor Industry

Company Profile: 

ClearSpeed – a world leader in low power, high performance processor technology, services and solutions.


ClearSpeed needed to meet with as many key prospects at the International SuperComputing trade show as they could fit into the three-day event. In previous years, internal sales teams had undertaken the task of conducting outreach to high priority prospects and attempting to schedule qualified appointments face-to-face at the show.

They recognized how difficult and time consuming this project had proven to be and decided to look for an expert partner to deliver results faster, more efficiently – without effecting other areas of the sales teams’ focus. They needed a partner who could work across both their US and European operations, understand their highly technical offering and communicate their value proposition to C-Level executives.


ELEVATE worked with ClearSpeed to identify their key targets from a list of registrants to International SuperComputing – they key event of the high performance computing calendar.

ELEVATE immediately proceeded to work as a seamless extension to ClearSpeed’s sales and marketing teams, confirming who from each target company was attending the event, qualifying who had the budgetary and decision-making responsibility for purchasing ClearSpeed’s solution and booking appointments with these executives to meet with ClearSpeed at the show.


ELEVATE was able to make this SuperComputing event the most successful and most profitable that ClearSpeed had attended. The internal event team were able to stay focused on their work to ensure all logistics and collateral were in place and maintain their focus working on deals in the pipeline, while ELEVATE took care of filling diaries with qualified meetings for duration of the event.

ClearSpeed, EMEA Regional Sales Manager:
“ELEVATE developed a flawless appointment management solution for our main international event. The facts: 3 days, 23 meetings, a predicted ROI of well over 10:1! This is a partnership we would definitely recommend.”

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A world leader in low power, high performance processor technology, services and solutions.

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