Redknee Maximizes Meetings Around Mobile World Congress through ELEVATE’s Outreach Campaign

During ELEVATE’s 21 years working extensively in the telecom industry, they have conducted numerous lead generation and account qualification campaigns across many worldwide events such as FutureCom, AfricaCom, CTIA and IDC’s Asia Pacific Telecom Summit with extremely successful results.

ELEVATE utilized their experience and best practices in generating leads and setting appointments for hi-tech trade shows to secure qualified, targeted appointments for Redknee both during Mobile World Congress and after for contacts who were unable to meet at the event.

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ELEVATE Delivered.

  • 20 C-Level Appointments at or after MWC
  • A highly accurate and targeted database of 324 relevant C-level decision makers across 99 target accounts
  • Back office support during MWC to ensure that meetings went ahead as planned
  • ELEVATE reached out to out to 324 c-level executives and referrals
  • ELEVATE identified that only a small number of Redknee’s targets were attending the congress, so advised Redknee to focus on setting appointments outside of the congress as well
  • Ongoing reporting and best practice support throughout the campaign’s life-cycle

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Industry: Telecommunications Software Service Provider
Company Profile: Redknee provides critical, real-time monetization software to communications service providers to provide pre-integrated billing and customer care solutions
Employees: 1,600
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To maximize time and investment, build a targeted list of contacts, then book executive meetings before, during and after Mobile World Congress with C-Level decision makers for leading software solutions provider, Redknee.

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  • Data Hygiene – Verification of 324 Contacts in 99 Accounts
  • Identification of C-Level Executives within Key Accounts
  • Lead generation outreach to MWC participants
  • Qualified Event Meeting Confirmations & Management

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  • Identifying/Cleansing of Existing Contacts
  • Identification of New C-Level Executives
  • Professional Telephone Outreach to Secure Qualified Meetings



  • 100% of Deliverables Achieved
  • 20 C-Level meetings confirmed at the event or after, if target was not attending
  • Arranged 17 post-event appointments
  • Redknee chose to work with ELEVATE on this project due to their high level of transparency, professionalism and experience conducting similar campaigns over ELEVATE’s 21 year history

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The Redknee sales team was focused on existing customers and driving the company’s sales. They partnered with ELEVATE to identify and qualify new targets and to generate leads, clients and meetings.

MWC was determined to be a great opportunity to meet with a large number of target customers in a small amount of time. ELEVATE also continued to confirm appointments after MWC with contacts that did not attend the congress. Redknee needed the skills, expertise and experience that ELEVATE provided to identify and qualify the appropriate targets and confirm meetings.

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The basis for any successful sales and marketing campaign is first and foremost a complete, and up-to-date database. Redknee initially supplied ELEVATE with a list of 99 potential target companies. ELEVATE began by networking with the list of potential clients, identifying the key decision makers and ensuring Redknee had all of the correct contact information for each contact. ELEVATE then qualified those targets and set meetings with the qualified contacts.

ELEVATE identified all appropriate C-level executives within Redknee’s 99 target accounts and built a complete and accurate list of 324 qualified C-Level contacts within the target accounts

ELEVATE developed a calling plan and blueprint for qualifying leads, communicating value to qualified Decision Makers and confirming meetings with those Decision Makers.



Using the persistence, persuasion and people skills built up over 21 years undertaking campaigns of this kind, ELEVATE was able to secure meetings with 3 of Redknee’s 13 qualified targets that were attending MWC. Although the number of Redknee’s targeted contacts attending MWC was small, ELEVATE did not stop there. ELEVATE consulted with Redknee and determined the best solution would be to proceed with setting appointments after MWC. ELEVATE delivered and additional 17 meetings with key decision makers outside of the MWC event, for a total of 20 qualified appointments.

[vc_testimonial author=”Sumanth Subramanian” company=”Global Demand Generation Manager, Redknee”] ELEVATE went above and beyond. They were persistent in getting us our targeted number of meetings, even if our clients did not attend the congress.

We considered a number of factors when choosing a partner for this project. We ultimately chose ELEVATE because of their sense of urgency and high level of professionalism.
ELEVATE’s persistence and high level of transparency throughout this campaign was excellent. They kept us informed every step of the way

We were very pleased with ELEVATE’s expertise and professionalism with handling every challenge that arose. We will certainly use them again for our next event. [/vc_testimonial]

About Redknee

Redknee is a leading global provider of innovative software products, solutions and services. Redknee’s solutions deliver true end-to-end convergent billing and customer care, plus real-time rating, charging and policy for innovative data offerings, messaging and voice services, to more than 200 service providers in over 90 countries. Redknee’s award-winning solutions enable wireless, multi-service and alternate service providers to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing the subscriber experience. For more information go to:

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