A Lead Generation On-Demand Success Story

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SAP Hybris were looking for a partner to qualify prospects from a series of digital campaigns and provide their BDRs with qualified meetings surrounding their ‘Telco Accelerator’ Content Hub.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column text_color=”” animate=”” animate_delay=”” width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]


ELEVATE were engaged to follow up the prospects by phone to qualify their interest, and secure a meeting for the SAP Hybris Business Development Representative (BDR).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column text_color=”” animate=”” animate_delay=”” width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

  • 25 Qualified Appointments Generated
  • 175 Decision Makers Qualified
  • 45 Additional Contacts Identified


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sap_hybris_blue_logoStacey Trimnell-Ritchard is the Global Director of Marketing, Vertical Solutions for SAP Hybris.  In her own words about working with ELEVATE…

What was your need?

“After sending a series of outbound marketing emails with the specific goal to drive traffic to our ‘Telco Accelerator’ Content Hub, we needed an efficient system of follow up, without increasing the workload of our BDRs. We had a number of contacts that expressed interest by clicking and downloading our content, but needed more visibility about their interests and understanding of the qualification of those contacts.”

Why did you select ELEVATE?

“We decided to engage ELEVATE, a trustworthy third party that could understand our business strategy and be a valuable asset to our SAP Hybris Business Development Representatives. The content hub generated 650 prospects across approximately 495 worldwide accounts from this campaign but needed support to qualify and engage, and convert them to meetings.

To help us avoid these leads slipping through the funnel, we engaged  ELEVATE to provide us with their Lead Generation On-Demand service over an initial  3 months. They served as a highly professional resource to help formally introduce SAP Hybris, qualify each of the target decision makers, and secure qualified meetings for our BDRs.”

How did the process work out?

“ELEVATE worked very closely with us to establish an in-depth understanding of the offering and set-up of the operational structure and necessary recording and reporting functionalities to be in line with SAP Hybris brand standards. It was gratifying to know ELEVATE’s value on the importance of ensuring complete transparency and operational fluidity when working with us.”

What was the outcome of the project?

“We were delighted with the results of the Lead Generation On-Demand campaign as we were able to reach and obtain a definitive response from 175 decision makers and generate 25 well-qualified meetings for our BDRs over the 3 months.

In addition, ELEVATE supplemented our database with 45 net-new targets, taking our total database to 695. We were very pleased to have obtained meetings with senior decision makers in our key target accounts.

ELEVATE’s knowledge of the tech space and their ability to communicate with senior decision makers was second to none and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them as a specialty resource for our future campaigns.”

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About SAP Hybris Solutions:

SAP Hybris Solutions provide omnichannel customer engagement and commerce software that allows organizations to build up a contextual understanding of their customers in real time, deliver a more impactful, relevant customer experience, and sell more goods, services and digital content across every touch point, channel and device. Through customer data management, context driven marketing tools and unified commerce processes, SAP Hybris solutions have helped some of the world’s leading organizations to attract, retain, and grow a profitable customer base. SAP Hybris software for customer engagement and commerce provide organizations with the foundation, framework and business tools to create a holistic customer view across channels, simplify customer engagement and solve complex business problems. For more information, visit www.hybris.com 


ELEVATE is the new breed of integrated marketing & demand generation specialist. Our services combine the disciplines of Data Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Data Management and Operational Strategy. Together these blended services enable us to deliver what you need in this new era of multi-channel marketing.

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