How do you rapidly obtain a constant stream of highly qualified leads to achieve ambitious growth?


ELEVATE helped FleetOps swiftly develop a constant stream of highly qualified meetings across North America to meet their aggressive growth targets in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the freight and logistics sector.


Starting out as a telematics company, FleetOps saw an opportunity within the freight and logistic sector to capitalize on a new government mandate that would change the market forever.

Facing a small window of opportunity to gain market share and move in before others had a chance to adapt, they needed to leverage the core marketing foundation that they built to accelerate the number of meetings for the sales team on a continual basis.

A multi-skilled partner was required that had the knowledge and experience, not only in arranging meetings quickly, but also in segmenting and prioritizing target accounts. Furthermore, this partner was able to adapt messaging based on feedback with a working knowledge of the Freight & Logistics Market.

A key component was to utilize the ZoomInfo data and Salesforce technology which will enable a seamless integration between marketing and sales on one platform.

ELEVATE was the only company who were able to meet the requirements of each area and act within the short timescales.

“Having worked with the team at ELEVATE in my past two organizations — they were the natural choice for us at FleetOps. I knew they would hit the ground running and be able to deliver on my vision – they exceeded my expectations.”


Using ELEVATE’s Tiger Team, an experienced squad was deployed from the disciplines of data, demand generation and technology.

FleetOps had identified an initial list of 17,500 third-party logistics firms which needed to be prioritized and segmented based on specific criteria.

Leveraging FleetOps’ ZoomInfo subscription, the ELEVATE Data Team created a highly targeted phased approach, focused on key buyer persona criteria, and segmented accounts by enterprise, midsize and small market classification. The contacts were verified and then uploaded into Salesforce.com to enable the commencement of engaging the prospects with relevant content and nurturing programs.

Working closely with the Sales and Marketing teams, a tailored SDR Accelerator program was put in place to act as a seamless extension of the FleetOps internal teams.

Using ELEVATE’s Demand Generation & Clarity of Messaging methodology, an in-depth briefing and messaging workshop on FleetOps’ offerings was conducted.

Working closely with the Chief Revenue Officer was critical to understand FleetOps value proposition, articulation of messaging with decision makers, criteria for lead qualification. Based on this briefing, clarity on appointment setting and campaign logistics were set.

This information was used in combination with the Art & Science of Communication methodology that effectively conveys the FleetOps offering. Following completion of the briefings, the Story Brand Framework was used to develop a series of introductory emails which would be sent to the targeted contacts.

These emails would impact the number of inbound leads and be qualified prior to being passed to sales, integrating with FleetOps’ processes, and updating their CRM system in real time with MQLs.

Contacts who reached a specific lead score or who were part of the priority one targets were to be contacted directly with the objective to drive highly qualified meetings for the FleetOps sales team.


  • 15 Days to Onboard
  • Segmented Market by Priority Accounts & Roles
  • 5 Series Email Program – Story Brand Certified
  • 10 Qualified Meeting Generated Within 30 Days
  • 3 Month Pipeline of Meetings

“ELEVATE Tiger Team rapidly increased the process of moving from our initial discussions to the first meeting generated and significantly improved the quantity and quality of the leads handed to sales.” – Laura McDaniel, V.P. Marketing, FleetOps

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