Don’t Delay, Start ASAP – Build Relationships, Get ahead of the Competition and Book Highly Qualified Meetings

Changing buyer behaviors and expectations have changed dramatically, all of which, has provided the most unique opportunities for companies to excel and delight like never before – if navigated correctly.

So, how do you use this to your advantage at MWC and increase your ROI and sales pipeline considerably?

Our 23 years of experience has led us to create a solution that enables you to gather intelligence and build relationships, far in advance of your competitors, ensuring your stand is full of qualified buyers that want to meet.

  • Identification of the correct decision makers attending the event
  • Pre-event relationship building and intelligence gathering
  • Pre-scheduled information rich meetings with key contacts in target accounts
  • Sales team calendars filled for the duration of the event
  • Additional opportunities and meetings with contacts not attending
  • Post-event follow-up to maximize every opportunity
  • Accurate and measurable reporting
  • Ability to demonstrate a positive ROI

To be very clear, this is about getting highly qualified, information rich meetings booked in the calendar at the event! One of the most impactful aspects of event success is correct timing. If you are serious about maximizing your MWC sales success, then don’t delay implementing your plans immediately.

We have spent the last 23 years, working all over the world on literally thousands of projects for best in class companies to solve these core challenges.

Book a consultation to find out how!

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See how ELEVATE has helped other exhibitors maximize Mobile World Congress

appointment setting at MWC - Mobile World Congress

appointment setting at MWC - Mobile World Congress

appointment setting at MWC - Mobile World Congress