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How do you migrate from Eloqua to Marketo in less than 30 days with no down time?


Having recently acquired a company, SAI Global was facing tight deadlines and penalties to migrate from existing Eloqua marketing automation and platforms.

With numerous recent acquisitions, SAI Global saw an opportunity to consolidate to one best in class solution and provide a solid foundation for other business units. One Global CRM and Marketo instance, and a single source of the truth.

The current CRM and MAP instances were not fully synced. Record duplication was blocking a single view of the customer and prospects. And to compound the challenge: SAI Global had to ensure continuity of service and migrate to a best in class system, all within 4 weeks, so they came to us for a winning design and implementation strategy.

A seamless migration from Eloqua to Marketo within 4 weeks


To deliver their ambitious deadlines and targets, the design and implementation strategy would have to:

  • Achieve the balance between speed of migration and the creation of a solid, scalable platform for future growth.
  • Maintain business continuity for existing marketing and sales programs.
  • Allow easy adoption by multiple stakeholders to enable one view of the customer across the various business units and enhance the customer journey.

The success of this required a deep understanding of the pitfalls and sensitivities of each department that covered marketing, sales, IT and contracts, and align to each of their business drivers.

Our purpose was clear – to ensure a seamless migration from Eloqua within 4 weeks to a new platform that met the future needs of the business.

Simultaneously working across a range of priorities!


Our Strategic Evaluation Roadmap Workshop sat at the heart of the new global strategy.

We collaborated closely with the individual teams to map the core principles and deliverables and establish clear priorities and requirements across all functions of the business.

This deep understanding of the requirements, barriers, and drivers enabled a rapid evaluation of the most effective technology platform to be chosen. A clear winner emerged.

Marketo was to be chosen as the global marketing automation platform of reference.

Simultaneously our MAP and CRM experts reviewed and defined the mapping of fields, objects and data, to enable complete synchronization with

Our engineering team worked to replicate a custom-built Eloqua form eco-system, migrating and aligning landing pages to ensure brand consistency.

Upon completion of the initial migration, we blended our business, marketing, and technology skillsets, to conduct user and functionality testing.

Scenario based training was deployed to the marketing teams in conjunction with system testing to facilitate buy in, approval, and once again expedite the process.

A successful Marketo Migration within unimaginable timeframes
A custom-built Eloqua form eco-system

The results

Our work delivered a successful migration from Eloqua to a fully synchronized, to Marketo platform within unimaginable timeframes.

The knowledge transfer of all decisions made, assets transferred, and configurations, enabled a transparent handover and built common ground across multidisciplinary teams.

Migration completed:

  • 343 Dynamic content rules
  • 39 Landing pages with their corresponding forms
  • 70 Email templates
  • 264 Assets and images
  • 4,000 Opt-in records captured in the Opt-in Custom Object
  • 31,717 Global Unsubscribe and Do Not Contact segments
  • Historical Email and Campaign Data archived
  • Enhanced Lead scoring model
  • Minimal system downtime
  • Form Ecosystem configuration and manual created
  • Ready to execute system


“May I say this is down to all of you to make this happen, in what is probably record time. I speak on behalf of all the SAI Global that this will be transformational for us and thank each of you for putting in the work to do this.”

The Impact

A solid platform for sales and marketing growth now supported the company’s strategy to provide an enhanced customer experience.

ELEVATE’s approach to the brutal simplicity of focus became the cornerstone for the integration of all further system migrations, enabling best in class marketing with a single source of the truth.

SAI Global’s obligations were fully met ensuring no penalties were incurred and the reputation of the company was preserved.

A solid platform for sales and marketing growth
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