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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy of the British government increases Outreach through ELEVATE’s Delegate Recruitment Program

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy of the British government wanted to promote the real world industrial applications of the research and development work produced in universities. ELEVATE delivered by employing their proven event invitation methodologies and by setting their team of experienced business professionals to the task. ELEVATE was able to bridge the gap between academia and industry to facilitate a real knowledge transfer.

ELEVATE Delivered.

  • ELEVATE delivered an average of 38 attendees per event across 26 events.
  • The campaign was so successful that what was planned as a one-year project ran for three years.
  • This model was utilized and and carried out into other areas of research being funded in the public sector.


The BEIS set out to maximize the outreach for a series of seminars that encouraged the dissemination of Information Technology research from academics to executive industry leaders. The goal was to leverage the perception of the academics to consider the needs of industry while reassuring executives that the the academics’ ideas had relevance in the real world.


The British BEIS realized that a passive recruitment process, involving posting notices on websites and newsletters, would not be sufficient and that proactive recruitment was the way to go. A minimum of twenty attendees was required to make each event worthwhile. The problem was that several outsourced suppliers had failed in the past through an inability to connect with the industry leaders at the right level. ELEVATE’s challenge was to identify the key executives within each relevant industry, contact them personally and convince them of the value of their attendance.


ELEVATE’s solution combined Contact Acquisition and CXO appointment setting models and delivered an event invitation process seamlessly implemented into the existing business structure.

Components of the solution included:

  • Sourcing a list of the companies active in each industry.
  • Identifying the relevant key decision makers in each firm.
  • Emailing personalized invitations to all of them.
  • Developing a robust message for outreach to inspire confidence and encourage attendance from delegates.
  • Reaching out to each executive individually to persuade them of the benefits of the seminars, answer their questions, challenge their assumptions and generate commitment to attend.


In this highly-technical expert field, the quality of the individuals in the team and the attention to detail in the preparation and research was crucial for ELEVATE to successfully deliver the delegates required.

The campaign exceeded expectation and the high level of results meant for a very successful series of events. Two external independent evaluations commented extremely favorably on the service ELEVATE provided, and it was determined as the single most important aspect to the success of the event program.

Dr. Lee Vousden, Programme Director, BEIS, British Government:

“ELEVATE did a tremendous job. The events we run are very specific to a particular field of technology and it was important to focus on the attention of those high-level decision makers and the opportunity that participating in these would offer them. ELEVATE met the target of getting the key people to attend. When speaking to delegates at events they often commented on the qualify of the recruiters. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

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