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Why We Use the StoryBrand

Framework for Your SDR Program

By Evan Cox

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective communication is essential for attracting and nurturing high-quality leads. With the ever-increasing number of companies vying for attention, having a clear and compelling message will set your brand apart.

That’s why we use the StoryBrand framework throughout each of our SDR partnerships. If you’re new to StoryBrand, here’s why we opt for this powerful marketing framework.

What is StoryBrand?

The StoryBrand framework is a marketing and messaging framework developed by Donald Miller. It’s designed to help businesses clarify their message and effectively communicate with their target audience at every stage of the buying journey. The framework is based on the idea that customers engage more with brands that present their message in a clear and compelling story format.

The framework consists of seven key components:

    1. The Character: Identifying your target audience and understanding their desires, challenges, and aspirations.
    2. The Problem: Identifying the problem or challenge your audience is facing and positioning it as the primary obstacle that needs to be overcome.
    3. The Guide: Positioning your brand as the guide who can help the hero (the audience) overcome their problem. This establishes your brand as a trusted advisor.
    4. The Plan: Providing a clear and straightforward plan that outlines the steps the hero needs to take to overcome the problem.
    5. The Call to Action: Clearly stating the action you want the hero to take. This can be a specific request, such as signing up for a newsletter, scheduling a consultation, or making a purchase.
    6. The Success: Sharing the positive outcomes a customer will experience should they work with you.
    7. The Failure: Highlighting the potential negative consequences of not taking action or choosing a competitor.


We use StoryBrand (broken down in this helpful podcast episode) to create an engaging narrative that resonates with each of your target audiences, ultimately driving engagement and revenue.

For more details on how to use the StoryBrand framework, we highly recommend the books Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple — both dig deeper into StoryBrand’s concept and how you can use them effectively in your sales and marketing efforts.

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Why use StoryBrand for Your Sales and Marketing?

One of the most unique things about the StoryBrand framework is its use of the hero and the guide. Typically, most brands position themselves as the hero of their story — they’re there to save the day and take center stage.

However, with StoryBrand, you position your brand as the trustworthy guide and your ideal customer profile (ICP) as the hero. This puts your audience at the forefront of the conversation. This story is about them; you’re there to help guide them to success.

Creating a StoryBrand BrandScript also makes it easier to streamline the messaging points for your sales team at every step of the customer journey. Every customer goes through a journey when interacting with your brand, from initial awareness to sales conversations and, eventually, a loyal advocate. The StoryBrand framework provides a roadmap for unpacking this journey and ensuring a seamless experience at every touchpoint.

By understanding your SDRs’ specific roles in guiding customers through this process, you can align their messaging with the framework’s principles. This alignment ensures consistent and effective communication across all customer interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing conversion rates.

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How does StoryBrand help with sales?

Your sales and marketing efforts should always work in tandem to contribute to your bottom line. The StoryBrand framework’s focus on clarifying your message, engaging customers, and streamlining their journey ultimately leads to increased sales and revenue.

When you leverage the framework’s principles, you can help your SDRs communicate your brand’s value proposition in a way that resonates with potential leads, increasing the likelihood of conversions and driving business growth.

Should you have questions about the StoryBrand framework, we’re here to help. Our team has StoryBrand Certified experts, and we’re happy to walk you through the framework and its effectiveness.

Reach out today so we can help you start scaling your sales with ease.

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