How to Bring Passion Back to B2B Marketing

Today’s digital marketing landscape has become highly complex and increasingly difficult to master. Many sales and marketing teams across the globe have implemented amazing automated technologies to aid in their sales and marketing processes, but what about the human touch? Unfortunately, one important factor of B2B marketing that’s become seemingly less and less is passion. […]

6 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Almost every organization will at some point experience a gap between their sales and marketing functions. The sales team may be skeptical of marketing’s efforts and frustrated about the quality of leads generated. The marketing team may feel unappreciated and pushed to the side because the sales team doesn’t maximize the use of the leads […]

Lead Flow: Bridging The Gap

The majority of businesses will at some point have a rivalry between their sales and marketing functions. And sometimes this battle of pointing fingers will seem to never end! One important reason to bridge this gap is to identify and close more – and better – qualified leads. Here are some interesting quotes that reflect […]